New Look for Terrier Playnet Shop! January 26 2015

Since the eCommerce platform - Prostores will be closed from 1 Feb, we have to change our eCommerce platform to other provider. The new eCommerce platform do not support the migration of old order details. All old customers will receive a email from the new eCommerce platform to registered the account again in our new platform. Please follow the instructions in the related email to create the account in our new platform. The new platform do not have customer's old order history. If you would like to check the old order history, please contact our Customer Service Department for more details.

The new platform have a fresh and clear new look. It comes with a mobile-friendly website built right in. You could browse our store easily by your computer, laptop or simply by your mobile phone or ipad... If you have any opinion or suggestion on our new platform, don't hesitate to contact us.